Data Import Known Issues for OpenClinica

Below is a list of known issues with data import in the version of OpenClinica.

Repeating Items with Validations

  • In some cases, a discrepancy note will be logged multiple times on an item that has invalid data according to the validations set in the CRF Template. The number of discrepancy note threads on this single item corresponds to the number of repeats provided in the import file.
    • This will require the person to reply to multiple threads on the item instead of just one.

ItemGroupRepeatKey Max is not Enforced

  • When a user builds a CRF, they can define the maximum number of repeats for a repeating group.
  • On import, this maximum is ignored and the import file can provide more than the max number of repeats.
    • No data is lost from the import as everything will be available in the UI and in the datasets that are created for the form.

Import Data Will Not Accept Null Values

  • Users can define Null Values at the Event Definition CRF level that will apply to all the fields in a CRF during the data entry process.
    • These null values can not be supplied in data import for Radio, Single-Select, Multi-Select and Checkbox items as they are not defined in the response set for the items in the database.

Other Issues

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